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3 Facts Every Small Business Owner Should Know About Social Media Marketing

As social media marketing continues to grow in popularity, it gains traction at a cracking pace. For small businesses, understanding social media marketing is a priority: it has levelled the playing field to the point where smaller brands now have a chance of competing on the same platform as their larger competitors.

Social media marketing allows small businesses to target their audience virtually, developing and maintaining a conversation that forms a strong client bond, but it is important to acknowledge that like any other plan to boost business, a structure and framework for solid business promotion has to be carefully considered before going in head first. Three main ways to approach your social media marketing campaign as follows:

  1. Social Media Has Rules

    There are various social media platforms that small businesses can use to promote their brand. Facebook has very specific rules about using the platform for company promotions and how you present yourself to users. If you violate the rules, your page risks being shut down and you risk losing a valuable marketing outlet. On Twitter, you can post your content in just one-liners or a quick sound bite. Instagram’s hashtags quickly and effectively promote your content. Pinterest, Snapchat, Google Plus and LinkedIn all have their set of rules and own behaviour.


  2. All Social Media Is Not Created Equal

    Most small business owners do not realise that every social media platform has its own demographics. For instance, Instagram and Snapchat attract a much younger audience than Facebook. So, if your product or service is most suitable to a specific age group, advertising via Instagram and Snapchat has more viability than Facebook. Remember: Just because it is free to use social media doesn’t mean that small businesses should just start posting to every platform.


  3. Requires a Significant Amount of Engagement

    One of the most critical aspects of social media that small business owners need to understand is that you have to be active on your pages to get consistent results. If you leave your social media pages unattended for just a few days, a significant drop-off can be expected. Good social media marketing requires a well-organised plan and the time each day to carry out that plan to get the results you have been looking for.


Social media is a fun way to interact with people but it is also an effective marketing tool. In order to get the most out of any social media platform, it’s critical to understand best practise in wielding it to the advantage of your business. Would you like to learn more about how social media marketing can improve your business? One Stop Blockchain can help. Talk to us about better business practice – dial 0172-4068269 for more information today.

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