More online searches are carried out today from handheld Internet-enabled devices (like smartphones and tablets) than traditional desktops. Hence smart businesses are opting for mobile apps to be in touch with clients round the clock all over the world.

There is also the cost factor to consider. An app reaches a lot more people than traditional avenues and so generates an increased ROI. At One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions, we offer optimised mobile app solutions with easy, intuitive navigation that provide a rich visual experience.

Why should you opt for a mobile app development to take your business to the next level?

  • A greater degree of interaction with clients as there is 24×7 visibility. This enhances brand loyalty and relationships because of constant interface with clients through QR codes, push notifications and live chat.
  • Repeat business is generated from satisfied customers as they can quickly find your products and services on the app already downloaded on their smartphones.
  • Operational efficiencies are maximised as major and minor business course corrections can be made round the year based on customer feedback about brands and service, all instantly through mobile apps.
  • Mobile apps strengthen social marketing strategies as people reading about your products and services can quickly reach you on your business mobile app.

Mobile apps developed by us have a large number of benefits, regardless of the operating system of the smartphone. Hence, whether an existing or potential customer uses an Android-based phone or iOS or Windows operated phone, the quality of the mobile app will be of the highest degree.

  • We use the most effective programme language for mobile app development. C++is used for Android and Windows phones, C# exclusively for Windows phones and Objective-C for Apple iOS apps. By using specific languages for different operating systems, we make sure that the proficiency of mobile apps increases manifold. For web-based mobile apps, HTML5 is our preferred option.
  • All mobile apps developed by us are user-friendly, quick loading and fast and have a highly optimised User Interface Design.
  • We have trained and experienced app developers who have the required professional expertise for structuring apps for iPad, Android, iOS or Windows platform or apps for wearable devices
  • All apps developed by us exclusively meet your business goals and objectives. We do not believe in creating standardised apps that have overlapping features across industries.
  • Every app projects business profile, products and services and is designed with the small screen in mind. So there is no need to constantly scroll down for details.

Next time you want to have a mobile app developed for your business, trust the experts to get the job done.

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