What is the most valuable asset of your Company? Obviously, it is the brand and this is the primary reason why all efforts should be channelized to make it strong and robust. It should have high visibility in the marketplace which in turn will enhance the company’s reputation.

This is where One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions can help achieve your brand development goals. Our professionals have the required expertise in this field and our optimised strategies go a long way in ensuring that your brand has a head start over competitors.

All our plans are developed after intensive discussions with you. This makes sure that that brand building and business development are fully aligned with each other and you are assured of steady and consistent results.

Our brand development plans are based on a multi-dimensional approach.

  • Formulating a strategy that focuses on making your brand an integral component of overall business goals
  • Developing precise tools that will help in this task. Some of the common ones are logo design, style guide, infographic design, tagline and website
  • Strengthening existing brands and devising new approaches for soon-to-be-launched or updated brands.

Once the overall brand development approach is in place, we follow a number of definitive steps that will enhance your brand image. All plans are customised exclusively to your specific needs to ensure optimal results.

Our precise and optimised brand development plans include –

Understanding your requirements

This is very crucial. When you lay out your business goals and areas of high growth, you will be depending on your brand to take you there. Therefore, we first assess your business plans and the rate and type of growth that you have in mind. Based on this, we will formulate brand development strategies for you.

Researching and Identifying target client group

We believe that your target group cannot be “everybody”, it should be specific groups. The more we are able to zero in on the exact target clientele, the better will be your brand development. This is the reason for our in-depth research on precise target clients. Taking all sections of the populace, most of which will not need your brand will only dilute our marketing efforts.

Logo design

Your logo represents the functionality of your company and hence is intrinsically connected with your brand. Our expert logo designers create logos that bring out the essence of a brand. These are attractive and customised according to your requirements of colours, font and size. You can even browse our logo gallery, make minor modifications and select one that appeals to you.

Infographic Design

A simple lucid picture illustrating facts is more powerful than a thousand words. This is why we rely on optimised infographic design to bring out the strength of your brand and highlight its strengths. It helps to quickly explain your brand to your target audience.

Maintaining a style guide

A website has to be fluid and flexible and should be open to changes as per requirements of your brand. Hence we maintain a style guide that assists us to control design and development of the brand and make necessary changes whenever necessary, even at a later date. This includes, for example, the infographic design and logo design.

Maximising Brand Positioning

We plan your brand positioning in the marketplace, highlighting such points as reasons why target audience will choose your brand or how is your brand different from competitors. This helps to bring out the essence and power of your brand.

The final step of brand development is to know how effective the formulated strategies are. Our professionals implement the plans and then track results to find out if there is a rise in traffic, conversions and sales. This enables us to fine tune our plans and arrive at the right conclusions about their effectiveness.