What is Chatbot technology and how can it help to streamline and optimise your business efficiencies?

A Chatbot is basically a computer program that by itself carries out a conversation through audio or text. With the advancement in technological innovations, these programmes are increasingly veering around to simulating human beings as a conversational partner.

Chatbot has a wide range of functionalities. Some make use of an advanced natural processing system. Others have simpler systems that scan for relevant keywords in the input and then match the reply based on the most matching keywords or a similar wording pattern pulled out from a database.

Chatbots today are an integral part of many applications and virtual assistants such as Google Assistant and are used by websites, instant messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger and apps of many enterprises. Chatbots have a definite role to play too in non-assistant applications that are focussed on entertainment, research and social bots promoting a specific product.

How do we at One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions use Chatbots to optimise your business efficiencies? We integrate Chatbots in, for example, the dialogue systems of virtual assistants thereby giving them the power to engage in small talk, casual conversation and other interactions that may or may not be relevant to the primary systems of the Chatbots.

  • Apps and Websites – We complement present generation of Chatbots with company websites to make a richer user-friendly experience.
  • Business internal processes – Chatbots are best used for increasing efficiencies of internal processes in companies. Some of the areas that can be optimised with Chatbots are Human Resources and Customer Support. We build enterprise-oriented Chatbots for specific SAP products such as SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C). Many businesses are now switching to the more cost effective Chatbots from Call Centres as the first point of contact with clients.
  • Messaging Platforms – This is where Chatbots are truly most effective and widely used for instant messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WeChat and B2C marketing and customer service. It helps to increase customer engagement and promote products and services.

In short, Chatbots is a computer programme that simulates human conversations or chats through artificial intelligence. The concept has been developed with an eye to interact with human beings. But with the introduction of more advanced technologies, the way has been laid for possibilities where two Chatbots converse with each other. In recent times, Chatbots are playing a crucial role in e-commerce solutions where the need for client interaction with the seller is probably at its highest.

Typically, Chatbots are now pre-programmed and limited to conversations with a specific purpose. However, the day is not far off when Chatbots will take part across the whole range of human communication.

We at One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions are committed to providing you with website design and development and app development with Chatbots that makes for a highly optimised and client rich experience.

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