As the world moves towards highly sophisticated computing processes, cloud applications have emerged as one of the leaders in this field.

One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions has trained and qualified professionals with a high degree of expertise in this area. We provide our clients with top end cloud applications and SaaS solutions to optimise business operating efficiencies.

What to you stand to gain when we structure cloud applications and computing for you?

Cloud computing is a form of Internet-based application that offers shared computer processing data and resources to any Internet-enabled device. It is a process that allows round the clock on-demand access to a shared pool of computing resources such as servers, storage, computer networks and applications. These can be rapidly provisioned and operated with negligible effort on the part of the management.

The advantage that you get with cloud computing is that readily available storage solutions can be made use of in either privately owned or third-party data centres. These may be situated either in your country or anywhere in the world. Since the process involves sharing of resources, economies of scale come into play, making cloud applications very affordable and cost effective.

Structuring cloud applications through One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions has a number of inherent benefits.

  • Reduces capital expenditure – There is an upfront reduction in capital investments due to lower infrastructure costs. For example, there is no need to buy expensive servers.
  • Focus on core activities – You will be able to focus more on core activities and running your business well rather than spending time and money on setting up computer infrastructure.
  • Faster implementation – When you opt for cloud applications, you have access to ready storage and processing solutions. Hence the implementation of applications is much faster.
  • Improved manageability – There is improved manageability and less maintenance. This will enable you to adjust resources faster in the case of fluctuating and unpredictable business demand.

A natural off-shoot of cloud computing is SaaS, Software as a service. It is a primary component of cloud computing and applications software distribution model where a third party hosts applications and offers the service to other customers over the Internet.

SaaS offers all the benefits of cloud computing.

  • No hardware acquisitions – You do not have to install specific hardware or set up data centres to run your applications. This eliminates the need for investments in infrastructure, provisioning and maintenance and expensive software licensing. Instead, you pay for this service in monthly packages.
  • Scalability – SaaS provides a high degree of scalability and hence you have a wider option to access more or fewer services or features on demand and make proportionate payments
  • Automatic updates – SaaS providers automatically perform updates and patch management. Hence the burden of purchasing new software and updating existing ones is eliminated.
  • Continuous accessibility – As SaaS applications are accessed over the Internet, it can be done so through any Internet-enabled device from any part of the world.

We at One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions customise SaaS applications for you. We will help integrate your own software tools with SaaS service provider’s API.

SaaS applications are used by us to optimise your business requirements such as emails, sales management, CRM, financial management and billing and collaboration.

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