Ux/UE and UI in design

Confused About Agency Speak On UI/UE? Let’s Break It Down

We’ve all heard about UI and UX, buzzwords tossed about in web development space and arguably in every creative and technology-based field. A heads up: UI stands for user interface while UX or UE means user experience. They may sound simple, but the fact is that there are many complications and misconceptions when it comes to the difference between the two and these confusions can shove the design community into a stir whenever they arise.

So what are Ux/UE and UI in design, and what they do to and for your business?

What is UX Design?

User experience is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty through the improvement of usability, ease of use and a positive emotional response that a visitor experiences with your website.

A couple of key points to help you understand what UX Design means:

  • UX is the experience that a user has when they interact with the product. UX design is always there, but truly good UX design happens when we make decisions in a way that fulfils the needs of both users and business.
  • An experience is a personal moment felt by individuals, something which designers don’t own, but can aim to design to the tune of. Designers need humility in their craft to offer a collaborative relationship with people because, at the end of the day, the experience of people we design for is exactly what determines the success of the products, services and relationships that we create.

When a UX designer is responsible for creating the user experience, they play a key role in demonstrating your business and brand. In this highly digital age, users spend only a matter of seconds upon landing on your website before they decide whether or not it’s worth their time. Want to overcome that significant brick wall first time? A standout UX is what gets you through. If your site is organised, easy to use and promotes a clear message about what you do, your chances of success provide essential push.

What is UI Design?

While user experience is a collection of tasks focused on optimisation of products for effective and enjoyable use, User Interface design relates to the look and feel, delivery and interactivity of a product. It’s the interface that user interacts with and makes the experience visually pleasing amd worth their time to explore.

UI also makes interactions as simple as possible and easy for the users to accomplish their goals and solve their problems.

  • UI design guides the user visually through a product’s interface via interactive elements across all platforms.
  • UI design is a digital field, which includes responsibility for cooperation and works with developers or code.

To conclude UI is the vehicle to achieve better user experience. If you need to know more on UI and UX then One Stop Blockchain can help. Get in touch with us today online or call on 0172-4068 269.

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