All efforts at digital marketing campaigns or SEO optimised website design and development comes to nought if tracking and monitoring systems are not in place to measure their effectiveness.

There are a number of benefits in this. It shows how people are reacting to your products and services on various platforms and will enable you to know the volume and quality of inbound traffic from multiple sources as well as the rate of conversions and sales.

Specialised software can track visitors from all channels including social networks, search engines and referral sites and can monitor their activities during their stay on site. This helps marketers to estimate the effectiveness of display advertising, pay per click advertising, email marketing and other tools. We can, therefore, tweak campaigns to get highly optimised returns on market spend.

One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions is an online digital marketing agency offering comprehensive web development and marketing services. Our team of experienced professionals do not rest after structuring your campaigns, we track and monitor the progress of the campaign at every step and arrive at tangible measurable data and reports about its success. This open transparent policy of our efforts gives estimates of ROI on your market spend.

We use a number of specialised tools for tracking results.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics – It is a unique tool that records visitor activities on your site. Some of the benefits include –

  • Knowing Target Audience and Activities – It helps to analyse the nature of traffic and their specific needs as well understanding how they interact with the web pages. This makes customising campaigns in line with your audience requirements that much easier.
  • Knowing the source of web traffic – We use powerful tools such as Visitor Flow and Traffic Source to know the sources of traffic and the devices they use to reach you. We can thus structure more customer enriched campaigns.
  • Improving Advertising and Campaign Performance – Improving performance of ad and marketing campaigns by optimising SEO, Remarketing, Cost Data Import and Mobile Ads measurement. This also allows us to analyse and test campaign performance so that our plans can be tailor made to your unique specific requirements. It eases our task of knowing how your site is performing on different devices and platforms.

Custom Funnel

Custom Funnels – A very important component of Google Analytics which is extensively used by us for monitoring website efficiencies is Custom Funnels. We track the behaviour of visitors based on two important parameters – task completion and task abandonment by inbound traffic. It is measured on such metrics as Goal Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate and Click-through-rate.

Custom Funnel lets us picture the steps taken by users to finish a task and estimate how well they are succeeding or failing in their efforts. Our purpose then becomes one of initiating steps to reduce abandoned customer journeys by re-engaging with visitors who have dropped out of the funnel through re-marketing techniques.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking – By tracing the source of inbound phone calls, we know which areas of our marketing campaigns are reaping the most benefits and giving the highest leads. Here too you get a number of advantages –

  • Possible to track calls both offline and online
  • Know which aspects of the campaign are giving best results by studying the source of inbound
  • Estimate which channels are giving more cost effective results, thereby increasing ROI on market spend. The campaign can be modified and tweaked based on this data.

There are two ways that we maximise the use of call tracking –

  • Creating one phone number per campaign both online and offline. Once a call is traced we know it relates to which campaign thereby enabling us to evaluate the efficiencies of others.
  • Call tracking by keywords allows us to know the specific keywords both organic and PPC that are driving traffic to the site. These keywords which are resulting in conversions are then used by us to structure highly efficient SEO processes.

With our team of experts guiding your website analytics and measurement techniques, you can be sure that any marketing campaign designed by us will also give consistent guaranteed results.