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Create Better Social Media Posts with These Tips

Social media has massively shifted the way we interact, share information, form relationships and conduct businesses. You might have been using social media for marketing your products or services, but content oversaturation has filled social media channels with much noise making it difficult to connect and convert. Indeed, it’s a hostile world out there and only the best posts rise to the top.

This doesn’t mean you should give up on organic social media marketing. You need to double down on your developing skills by learning how to create social media copy that cuts through all the noise and get people to notice what you have to say.

Here are a few ways to make your message more likely to get noticed.

Look at the context of the platform

Each social media platform has its unique language, culture, sensibility and style. You need to take time to learn each platform’s native ways before you start creating the content or you will experience lacklustre results. Marketers who understand this fluently create content that is noticed, appreciated and above all valuable to their audience. Native social media content is the one that plays on emotion, compelling the consumer to share your quote, blog post, article, photo or video.

Choose a topic that adds value

The secret of effective content marketing lies in creating content which is valuable to your audience. The more relevant and useful your social media ad copy is, the more engaged your audience is and the more they will trust you. To cut through the noise, pick exciting topics that address your audience’s pain points and allow you to demonstrate your expertise.

Harness the hashtag

Hashtags are words connected to# and allow users to click the hashtag and discover other content with the same hashtag. This allows new people to find your content. While most social media platforms enable hashtags, they work exceptionally well on Twitter and Instagram.

Find the perfect image

Often the posts you create for social media will include pictures. These images need to be in sync with your content and should send the message across. You will need to find the image or can create one. For a picture to be perfect you need to keep few points in mind, don’t use Google images as they are copyright protected. You can use photo sharing sites to find the picture relevant to your content.

These are just a few tips to help you create better social media posts. It is all about taking your audience on a journey, you attract their attention, hook them, build a connection and make your offer. If you have begun with your social media marketing, you would know keeping track of all the information can become daunting, worry not, One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions can help. Email us on [email protected] to know more. 

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