With the exponential growth of sales of smartphones, tablets and other Internet-enabled devices in recent times, e-commerce has come of age. Buyers of products and services find it much easier and convenient to carry out all transactions while on the go and from the comfort of their homes and offices. This is why sales in online stores are no less than in traditional brick and mortar ones. Given this scenario, shouldn’t you too take this route and ensure quick growth and development for your company?

Ecommerce websites have unique and exclusive characteristics. They should have a strong visual appeal, easy navigability, quick checkout options and a fully safe payment gateway. Further, the site should be so designed that it increases brand awareness, and most importantly, the ability to draw in large volumes of traffic along with a high conversion rate.

One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions is a leader in the field of e-commerce website design and development. Our team of qualified professionals are specially trained to develop optimised e-commerce sites that have all the desired components of e-commerce solutions.

Some of the primary factors we incorporate in e-commerce sites are well-organised Product Categories, simple design without the undue clutter of information that can confuse the buyer, easy checkout and social media sharing options of your products and services. Additionally, we also incorporate Shopping Cart, personalised login, Online Chat facilities.

Two aspects deserve special mention here.

First, all e-commerce sites structured by us have fully secured multi-gateway payment alternatives. When your customers know that their card details and other personal info are perfectly safe, they will want to transact business with you.

Secondly, all our sites are quick loading. This is crucial for those making purchases on the go as they wouldn’t want to wait long for the site to load. Studies have shown that even a 1 sec delay in page load time can mean a 7% drop in conversions and an 11% drop in the page view. Converted to dollar times it can adversely affect your business to a great extent. When we build your e-commerce site, this possibility is fully eliminated.

We at One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions use the latest cutting edge software tools to build e-commerce sites. This makes sure that these sites have top end features incorporated in them.

Some of the tools used by us include –


Hybris is multi-channel e-commerce software and complements both customer and business B2B and B2C environments. It facilitates effortless ordering and cross-selling process with a corresponding rise in the average value of orders. It also enables a buying experience that is spread out over multiple channels such as smartphones, in-store and social media. Hybris helps to maximise web content management (CMS), product content management and order management over different domains. The software also assists in customising store design and development that is exclusive to specific businesses.

We also use SAP Hybris for continuously updating customer profiles, both present and prospective. It lays down the profiles of each of your customer and their activities on your site at any point of time. You can plan out your e-commerce strategy based on data generated through SAP Hybris.


Magento is a very powerful tool for developing e-commerce sites. It is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP and has multiple variants – the Community Edition, the Enterprise Edition, the Enterprise Cloud Edition and Magento 2. The scope of each of them can be increased with appropriate plug-ins. The latest version Magneto 2 is extensively used by us as it has many improved tools, good backend and frontend features and offers a user-friendly intuitive experience.


This is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress and is best suited for online merchants using WordPress. We use it for e-commerce clients regardless of the size of their business. This plugin is extensively employed by us primarily because of its simplicity, ease of installation and customisation.


It is an open source PHP-based online shopping cart system. This is a much-preferred option for us as it has a feature rich design, a visually and aesthetically appealing interface and a search engine friendly format. It is especially suited for Internet merchants as Opencart is very flexible and most importantly enables merchants to participate on e-commerce platforms in a very cost effective manner.

We offer comprehensive packages, from design and development of websites to maintenance as well as tracking reports of the performance of your e-commerce site.