Email marketing is a specialised niche in online digital marketing campaigns and today has evolved into a very potent tool to get messages across to your customers in a quick and cost-effective manner. It is often linked to data mining and is used extensively for staying in constant touch with customers. The main advantage here is that by sending bulk emails, you can convey any information to your customers very quickly and thus stay ahead of your competitors.

We at One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions have experience in carrying out successful email marketing campaigns and have been able to deliver consistent results to our customers.

What then are some of the benefits you stand to gain from an optimised email marketing campaign structured by us –

  • Establishing Brand Awareness – Through email, you can have direct contact with your customers and can quickly establish brand awareness. Inform them about special offers, discounts and freebies as well as future promotional campaigns. You can send newsletters and special codes for discounts through emails. You will also get feedback on your brand and this will help you to iron out deficiencies if any.
  • Generating leads and sales growth – By approaching a large number of customers directly with specialised offers you will be ensuring a high conversion rate as well as lead generation. Even queries about your products and services are more likely to convert to sales at a later date.
  • Building customer relationships – Since email marketing is a cost-effective option, you can afford to stay in direct and constant touch with your customers through bulk emails. Further, you can offer special discounts and offers to your most valued customers, thereby building a solid customer base.
  • Building an email database – Building an email database is not easy, it is a long drawn affair and has to be meticulously built over time. We will help you in the process with an optimised website that will have “Call to Action” buttons to garner email addresses of prospective clients. Our social media marketing campaigns are also similarly directed to get email addresses of customers. Once you have a fairly large database we will optimise an effective email marketing campaign on your behalf.

There are a number of ways that you can gain through effective email marketing.

  • Quick access to your customers – Bulk emails are sent quickly to your customers with assured delivery. You are therefore sure that your message has reached the intended recipients.
  • Wide reach – Almost anything can be sent through emails – newsletters, product information and ads. When the recipients share this over social media platforms, you are instantly assured of huge brand exposure.
  • Links in emails – Even though emails will be basically text form apart from pictorial attachments, links can be included in the emails that directly connect to your website. There is, therefore, scope for direct conversions from emails.

We at One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions will not only structure optimised email marketing campaigns for you, we will even follow up the effectiveness of the campaign and submit detailed reports to you. This will enable you to know the ROI on marketing spend.