A website in its actual form is a combination of easily readable text, colours, graphics, videos and call to action buttons. But behind that is a structure of design and development codes complexities that needs to be unravelled for the benefit of the visitor. This is the work of a front end developer who uses a mix of design, markup languages and client side frameworks and scripts to create an interface that users can really see and interact with.

We at One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions have a team of front end developers who are trained and qualified in this field and deliver top end user experience websites. There is now in the present business environment the additional responsibility of designing a user interface that works equally well on any Internet-enabled device, be it desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones. However, we are experts in it and have built up a reputation in this area of front end development.

When creating your website, as established Front end developers, we use the most popular and common client-side languages that enhance user experience. These include –

  • JavaScript – It is among the oldest client side languages but still one of the most effective, functional and a favourite with developers.
  • HTML5 – It sets up the basic structure of a website such as headers, footers and how media, text, video and animation ultimately look to the visitor. This makes it very important as a front end tool.
  • AJAX: JavaScript + XML – This enables us to update specific portions of a page without going into a total full page change. This is done by connecting to the database asynchronously and working on XML blocks of data.
  • CSS3 – Short for Cascading Style Sheets, CCS3 is the latest standard in this genre. CSS3 is subdivided into individual modules, each having the code for every graphic element – both front and back end. It makes up the feel and final look of the website.

When we work on front end development of your website, we offer a wide range of services.

  • Collaborating on APIs and designing back-end experience
  • Customised user experience
  • Fixing bugs and continuous testing during development
  • Making the website come to life through HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Structuring responsive designs that work equally well on any device
  • Devising tools that enhance usability and how users interact with the website
  • Putting in place processes that increase online visibility through optimised SEO practices.

At One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions, we rely on Front-end Frameworks to go through our tasks quickly and effectively. These Frameworks are a collection of pre-packaged shareable codes and software add-ons. We use one or sometimes a combination of more for front development for an optimised client and website experience.

Angular JS

This is the Framework that is most preferred by us and is a full featured JavaScript framework developed by Google. Simplification is the key here as it can be appended to any HTML page with a <script> tag. Angular JS has the least modifications and is, therefore, most unlikely to break. Most importantly, it supports the modular building blocks of JavaScript code and thus facilitates testing and functionality.

Bootstrap, Foundation, jQuery and Semantic UI are some of the other Frameworks used by us either as a stand alone or in a combination of more. Each has its own specific purpose. For example, Bootstrap makes the site compatible with almost all browsers and is good on any type of device. It is especially used by us for responsive app development.

All our front end developers have excellent problem-solving skills. From setting and implementing a design to fixing bugs, we have been producing consistent results to the satisfaction of our clients.