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Google Ads Features You Should be Using but Aren’t

Millions of businesses worldwide use Google Ads formerly known as AdWords to gain as much exposure as possible on the most significant search engine platform. The most wonderful thing about Google Ads is that we all PPC advertisers have our favorite ways to utilize it. We have our ideal reports and features and have our personal preferences for how we like to build and manage our campaigns.

Unfortunately, we incline to get caught up in our ways, neglecting to explore features, reports, and methods that we aren’t familiar with. This will differ from person to person though, but the features mentioned below can give you many benefits, and you can use Google Ads to their full extent.

Here are some Google Ads features that you should utilize to get the best out of your investment.

Image Ad Creator

Have you ever used this thing? If no, then you should. It’s incredible what it can create, and even if you are not sure on what it comes up with, you can use the idea and create your personalized images. The image ad creator beats creating the .swf files with Adobe Flash allowing you to create rich media ads in different pixel dimensions in seconds. You have to give it a headline, description and a call-to-action and it’ll create several ad examples that you can use with a click of a button.

Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads have been available for a long time, but not many have opted them. The reason being ads on Gmail are shown in the promotions tab, and not many people check that section. However, Google has started dynamic retargeting of Gmail Ads meaning that users won’t be able to ignore the Gmail Ads placements completely. You can take advantage of this by pairing Gmail Ads with attractive images and redirect buttons. This will allow the end users to go directly to your site, which is a significant advantage.

Auction Insights

It is beneficial to know what your competitors are doing, how they are bidding on the keywords, building ads and how better or worse they are doing than you. Auction insights or auction report is what will let you know all that. This feature is located within the keywords tab under details. Select one keyword by checking the checkbox next to it and then details and Auction Insights in the drop down. You can closely look at the metrics to get success.

Google Ads is a powerful tool, and you should keep trying variations and using all the features to boost the conversions of your site. If you are looking to increase conversions with Google Ads, then a professional PPC team at One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions can help. As one of India’s leading SEO and SEM services companies, we know how to maximize your return on investment. Call us on 0172-4068269 today for more information.

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