Online marketers today have a host of tools to get desired results – SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing and many more.  Then, why does the rate of conversion range from a measly 1% to 3% on an average?

The problem is that in most cases the landing page fails to hold on to the attention of the visitor long enough to enable him to take a specific action. The sole purpose of the landing page is to quickly convert visitors from marketing campaigns into buyers. In many instances, visitors are driven to the home page which, with its clutter of information makes no sense to the first time caller.

Landing pages designed by us at One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions fulfil all expectations of the visitor because we follow a specific pattern to optimise their functionality.

  • Landing page headline that is clear and concise and instantly catches attention. It is also in sync with the page from which the visitor has been diverted here.
  • Call to Action button that is placed prominently and above the fold so that the visitor need not scroll down to find it. Our goal is to ensure that your customers take action in the shortest possible time without having to search for ways and means of how to go about it.
  • We keep the landing pages as simple as possible so as not to distract the visitor from the purpose of making a purchase or submitting a query.
  • Video images, animation, user testimonials and related product details are laid out in the landing page in an easy to read attractive format.
  • Continuous testing of the landing pages is our strength. Apart from the routine A/B testing, we design two separate landing pages and test the efficiency of each against the other to know what appeals to the visitor more. It helps us design landing pages that give optimal desired results.
  • Incorporating trust elements in the landing pages boosts conversion rates. We include testimonials, customer reviews, business certifications and awards that go a long way to establish your credibility and make the customer believe that you can deliver the desired results.

All landing pages designed by One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions are specific to your needs and tailor made to fit your precise requirements. We do not believe in standardised formats and will have intensive discussions and brainstorming sessions with you before formulating landing pages.