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Logo Design Trends to Rule in 2018 and Beyond

As a business owner, you would know how important it is to stand out among the competitors. Brand identity helps achieve that by making your organisation recognisable, memorable and attractive to future clients and logo plays a crucial part in this. Your organisation’s logo is something that will be present on a website, business card and banners so its design should be such that it shows the business identity.

Here we have collected some useful information for someone dreaming about own start-up and those looking to rebrand their business identity. Here are some cool and contemporary flair logo design trends that will wow your customers in 2018 and beyond.

  • Simplification

It’s a long-term trend which is here to stay not only in 2018 but beyond. This logo trend is based on the simplification of the form, minimising the number of colours and graphic elements used. Use of simple graphic elements allows achieving an interesting visual effect which catches the eye of the customer and drives the internet traffic towards your brand. The trend currently owns the logo design industry with many successful businesses stripping down their logos to the basics.

  • Letter Stacking

This is a hot trend these days. The idea here is to place words on top of each other, making long phrases easier to read and understand. Letter stacking works well with contrasting colours and is a sure-fire way to achieve originality and grab the attention of potential customers. This trend made waves in 2016 and 2017, and it seems like companies can’t get enough of it.

  • Architectural Inspiration

Though designing a logo based on architectural inspiration is not a new concept, it’s resurging in popularity in smart and innovative ways. Physical space has always been considered as an essential factor to build a unique brand identity. However, as we move into the increasingly competitive digital world, designers are finding ways to capture the look of architectural landmarks but also learning the new ways to embody the logo behind the physical space to reflect the creative brand story.

  • Negative Space

Negative space trend is gaining popularity in 2018, and it has gone far from what it was earlier. The emphasis has shifted to the text components of the logo. The letters or their intersections have become a suitable field for working with negative space, and we can see more text logos with shapes and images hidden inside or between the letters. It’s a great way to capture a customer’s attention and make them think twice.

These are just a few of the logo design trends that you can use in your company’s logo but remember that it should represent the values of your company. If you are looking to redesign or want a logo for your new business One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions can help. We have a team of expert graphic designers to help design the logo that stands out amongst the rest. Get in touch with us by dialling 0172-4068269.

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