The exponential boom in smartphone usage over the past decade has radically changed the way business is conducted around the world. No more do customers frequently visit brick and mortar stores to make a purchase or inquire about specific services and products. Now, it is done on the go at the click of a button. Welcome to the world of smartphones, tablets and mobile apps that have opened up novel opportunities for business growth and development!

One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions is committed to helping you establish a presence on the Internet for your business through mobile apps, customised to your requirements.

Benefits of Mobile Apps

There are multiple benefits that you get through a highly optimised mobile app.

  • Your business can be accessed by existing and potential customers around the clock and sales can take place outside your regular working hours.
  • You can have your business goals and objectives clearly laid out in the app and offer the full range of services that can be availed 24×7.
  • You maximise your ROI on market spends. This is because having an app designed is a onetime investment almost at par with traditional web designs but the reach of apps is much broader as people can avail your services from anywhere in the world.
  • Apps are user-friendly, easily navigable and fit into almost any size screen. This eliminates the need to scroll down to view a full page.
  • You develop a close rapport with your customers and induce brand loyalty. Spread brand awareness and latest product info through push notifications, QR codes and live chat. Through constructive feedback from your customers, you can increase operating efficiencies and productivity.
  • Generate repeat orders from customers around the clock on the go.
Benefits Mobile App

Why Us for Mobile App Development

  • We use the most effective programme languages to develop mobile apps. For example, C# is used for developing apps for Windows phones, Objective-C for Apple iOS apps, and C++for Android and Windows phones. There is also HTML5 which we use for web-based mobile apps. Using specific languages to create customised apps as per the operating system has made us one of the leaders in designing of mobile apps.
  • We have specialist teams of trained and experienced professionals who are well conversant with every facet of app design and development. Whether it is apps for iPad, Android, iOS or Windows platform or apps for wearable devices, we will have you covered.
  • Our mobile apps are user-friendly and have highly optimised User Interface Design that makes them easy to use even for those not technologically inclined.
Benefits Mobile App

Mobile apps riding on the back of growing usage of smartphones and tablets are here to stay and have already replaced the conventional forms of communication between businesses and customers. The concept and the multiple advantages of being connected around the clock ultimately leads to quick business growth and development.

We at One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions are experts in this field and can design mobile apps that will surely meet your exact specifications.