One of the ways that we at One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions optimise website design and development and online digital marketing strategies is by understanding how people react to our efforts. There are a number of tools and technologies that we use for this purpose and two of the most effective ones are mouse tracking and heat maps.

Mouse Tracking

Through the use of specialised software, we collect cursor positions on the computer thus getting an idea of what people are doing, their areas of interest and disinterest. By mouse tracking, we learn about audience requirements and this enables us to craft a rich and user-friendly interface.

The following are the benefits of mouse tracking –

  • Users focus – By following the movements of the cursor, we learn about the focus of a user when browsing a website. We know about visitors’ interests, whether their expectations are met or whether they are confused in their searches.
  • Real time website study – Simply by tracking cursor movements, we can know about the respondents’ interests. The point where a searcher holds the mouse for an extended period of time is the point of interest. The trajectory of the cursor to another point is proof of the level of interest at that point. With this data, we create user-friendly interfaces and tweak existing ones in tune with audience interests.
  • Web design evaluation – By tracking the cursor our web developers monitor the usability of the site on a real-time It then becomes simpler to evaluate how difficult it is for users to tackle certain features like scroll bars, drop down menus or to go to important links. Further, developers can also monitor which pages the visitors are interested in and that plays a crucial part in layout and design.

These are the reasons why we depend on mouse tracking to optimise your web page design as well as improve existing features. It is a cost effective method and very reliable as the user is not aware that his cursor movements are being tracked, thus making it a study of very natural behaviour leading to real and dependable results.

Heat Map

A heat map is a graphical representation of data where individual values in a matrix shows up in a space in different colours. Web heat maps are used for illustrating areas of a web page that are most frequently scanned by visitors. Its functions are similar to mouse tracking but the difference lies in its colourful representation which makes for easier analysis. Heat maps are generally used by us in analysis and studying user behaviour in conjunction with other analytics tools.

The primary advantage of heat maps is that it gives instant results. This is particularly useful to evaluate the effectiveness of short-lived short term web content. Only with real-time analytics tools such as heat maps can these types be studied. Heat maps appear in seconds on the screen and are continuously updated real time as per visitor activity. We can change the content or a picture or a graphic and instantly evaluate its effectiveness on heat maps. This helps us to make modifications to optimise a web page under all matrixes.

Most importantly, installing heat maps take less than a minute and as it is asynchronous with a small tag, it does not slow down the page. Hence properties of your website and its functionalities are in no way affected at all.

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