For a marketer, it is very important that clients be kept in the loop about the progress of online digital marketing campaigns and the progress made on all fronts. Today, with multiple channels to work on, monthly reporting has become a tedious chore but nevertheless one that is very crucial for our clients.

We at One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions prepare monthly reports for our clients based on data generated by advanced tools and technologies used by us. The main points that are answered by these reports are whether our efforts are optimising your ROI on market spend, how much traffic is being driven to the website and what is the rate of conversions and sales. Our reports also highlight which areas of online marketing strategies are showing the most effective results.

We do not have any cookie cutter standardised reports for our clients. Every report is customised to meet specific requirements.

What do you learn from our monthly reports?

  • Monitor your monthly growth parameters – Track overall business growth and an increase in the volume of traffic, leads, conversions and sales.
  • Evaluate all conversion aspects – In the long term, it will not be the total sales growth that will matter, what will be crucial is the visit-to-conversion rate. This will correctly reflect the efficiency of campaign strategies adopted by us.
  • Best Performing channels – You can accurately track which marketing channels (SEO / Social Media / Email Marketing or any other) are returning the best results. This helps us to make minor course corrections in campaign plans if necessary and gives you consistent optimised results.

My SEO Tool is another tool that is regularly used by us for report generation. It provides Search Engine Optimisation tools that include amongst others, data reporting, client management, automated PDF reports and branding of the client interface. It also offers developers with a structured interface for integrating My SEO Tools into applications and websites. API calls permit the creation of users and back links, automatic login of users and access to metrics.

The value of monthly reporting cannot be overemphasised. From the point of view of clients, all our efforts are directed to optimise results and keeping you in the loop at every stage of the campaign. This will enable you to know the strengths of your website and which areas need specific modifications.

Further, since monthly reporting is a continuous process, you are always aware of the movement of work taken up by us.

Call now for more information and clarification on our monthly reporting schedules.