A very important aspect of overall online digital marketing campaigns is devising strategies that optimise utilisation of various social media platforms. This is because today more and more people cutting across age-groups, gender, ethnicity and countries form an opinion on products, services or just about everything after browsing social media platforms. So great is this possibility that marketers have now resorted to the extensive use of this media to influence public opinion and increase brand awareness.

Some cold statistics will bear this point out. There were 1,871 million users on Facebook and 1, 000 million on Facebook Messenger as on January 2017. Further, there were 500 million on Tumblr and 317 million on Twitter. Now, which digital marketer in his senses could possibly afford to ignore this giant marketplace?

We at One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions devise effective Social Media Marketing campaigns that give definite assured results. Out team of technicians are fully trained and well conversant with the finer nuances of SMM that will optimise results for you.

Our SMM strategy is multi-dimensional, right from the initial engagement to final implementation. The process includes –

Market Research – Intensive market research is carried out to evaluate competitor strengths, brand power and their presence on social media networks.

Creating / Updating profiles – We will create new profiles or update existing ones on various social media. These will highlight your company, products and services along with photos of projects and those of key events. These profiles will be initiated on relevant social media platforms.

Operating the profiles – It will mean setting up a basic KPI dashboard, assigning and measuring various metrics and carrying on an interaction with visitors on different networks.

Increasing Operational Efficiencies – Improving efficiency with third-party solutions and apps, assigning social media marketing goals with tracking, integrating social media data with other related channels and cross-functional team creation for web development, PR, customer service, and marketing.

We cover almost all the major social media channels when we create an SMM campaign.

In a nutshell, some of them are –

  • Facebook: We focus on your required demographics with our paid Facebook ads. By using creative and engaging images we maximise customer engagement
  • YouTube: We create optimised and engaging videos for projecting your company and its products and services. Get instant responses from interested people
  • LinkedIn: Our LinkedIn marketing gets you in the midst of like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs, helping you create lasting partnerships and new engagements
  • Tumblr: Content marketing now gets a powerful ally in form of Tumblr and we use it to make your company go places and reach new audiences
  • Twitter: We use the right promotional tactics, targeting and analytics to optimise the benefits associated with Twitter marketing
  • Google Plus: Become part of a profitable community, increase user engagement and boost revenue generation with our well-planned and executed marketing campaigns
  • Pinterest: We build the best Infographics and data visualisation for displaying your products on Pinterest. Attracting the right audience has never been easier!
  • Instagram: Get assured 15x more engagement with our Instagram marketing strategies. Today it’s much more than a mere Photo Sharing platform!
  • Flickr: Improve your online visibility greatly with our Flickr marketing strategies. This is done mainly through the use of optimised images to attract audiences.

Most importantly, we will track results of our SMM campaign continuously and submit progress reports to you so that you can estimate the ROI on market spends.