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Website Conversion Rate – Can it be Improved with SEO?

When you are planning on improving your website, then it is not only about producing excellent content but also on optimising search engine results and improving your conversion rate. However, it can be quite tricky making both work together. For beginners, SEO focuses on making the website accessible to search engines to improve the rankings while CRO or conversion rate optimisation is the art of enhancing the user experience to get high conversions. One is geared towards search engines and the other towards usability and the users.

Only a few websites can combine both creating an excellent site that provides a great user experience and also ranks high on SERPs. The secret is using SEO tactics, but how it can be done, that is the question.

Here are a few strategies to follow to take your website conversions to the next level.


  • Use Smart Content

Also referred to as dynamic or adaptive content, smart content is content displayed on your website that changes based on the interests or past behaviour of the viewers. It creates an experience that is customised for the visitors or readers at that moment. For example, if someone is visiting the website from New Zealand during the holiday season, then your homepage would display products or services that relate to that holiday or would show a simple holiday greeting. The result is that visitors get a better user experience and is more likely to buy your product. Smart content helps you organically use SEO to enhance the user experience.

  • Improve user experience with neurodesign

The colour green can make you feel calm while red can make you feel threatened. We all perceive the world through our filters and neurodesign means a way to design something that makes sense to one’s mind. It is a way to improve customers experience which in turn improves conversions all based on aesthetics. Neurodesign helps improve three metrics, increase the visitor time spent on the website, increase repeat visits and decrease the bounce rate, all these metrics help improve the site ranking.

  • Improve page loading time

The loading time of any website is one of the most crucial as well as often overlooked factors of any SEO strategy. Today, users have no patience for websites with poor load speeds, and they expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less or wait up to 3 seconds or abandon the site. If your website’s loading time is more than 3 seconds, the users will feel dissatisfied and take their business elsewhere. In this day, seconds make a significant difference and you just can’t let your website be bogged down by un-optimised images and files. Use Google’s Page Speed Insights to check how your website is performing and rise to the top of search results by optimising all your website images.

This is how SEO can help you improve your website conversion rate and if you are having a hard time tracking and monitoring your progress, One Stop Blockchain and Cloud Solutions can help. Get in touch with us by dialling 0172-4068269.

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